Establishment of Glocal Law Group, and Formation of an association with Yaesu Glocal Law Office
[ 2018/08/17 ] open
we have established the Glocal Law Group. As our first step, we have established an association with the Yaesu Glocal Law Office.

Our firm has been introduced in Attorney's MAGAZINE (vol.64)
[ 2018/07/05 ] open
Our firm has been introduced in「Attorney's MAGAZINE」(2018.07.01 vol.64).

Mr. Yamanaka's article about Japanese trust is published
[ 2018/03/28 Masato Yamanaka ] open
Mr. Yamanaka's article titled “Analysis of combination of trust and voluntary guardianship - Based on Case Study of Civil Trust Practitioner Exam in 2017” (co-authored) has been published on Trust Forum Vol.9, April 2018.

Publication of co-authorship book by Mr. Saburo Takase.
[ 2018/03/26 Saburo Takase ] open
Mr Saburo Takase's co-authorship book titled "Judge’s Point of View Civil Trial and Specialized Litigation " has been published. (Shoujihoumu, Mar 26th 2018)

Mr. Yusaku Ono will be the lecturer of the seminer on March 29, 2018 hosted by Seminar Info
[ 2018/03/17 Yusaku Ono ] open
Mr. Ono will be the lecturer of the seminer titled "Legal Issues on publicly offered/privately placed Foreign Funds" on March 29, 2018 hosted by Seminar Info

Mr. Saburo Takase's book is recommended in Business Law Journal
[ 2018/01/05 Saburo Takase ] open
Saburo Takase's book titled "Lawyers' Power to Resolve Disputes" (Yuhikaku) is recommended in "Book Guide 2018 for Legal Practice" (Business Law Journal, Feb 2018).

Mr. Yamanaka's article is published
[ 2018/01/04 Masato Yamanaka ] open
Mr. Yamanaka's articles titled “Defence Strategy against US Class Action: Securities Class Action(1)(2)and (3)” have been published on Business Law Journal, Jan & Feb 2018.

Notice of Lawyers Joining
[ 2018/01/01 ] open
From January 2018, Reiichi Miyazaki (former Director-General of Cabinet Legislation Bureau) and Masato Yamanaka (former partner of Baker & McKenzie) join our firm.

Change of our firm's name
[ 2017/10/01 ] open
As of October 1, 2017, we changed our firm's name into Koma & Ono Glocal Law Office.

Notice of Lawyers Joining etc.
[ 2017/10/01 ] open
From October 2017, Yasushi Murofushi (from October 1) and Yusaku Ono (from October 12) join our firm. Yogo Kimura has become a partner as of October 1, 2017.

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