Mr. Yamanaka's article about Japanese trust is published
[ 2018/03/28 Masato Yamanaka ] open
Mr. Yamanaka's article titled “Analysis of combination of trust and voluntary guardianship - Based on Case Study of Civil Trust Practitioner Exam in 2017” (co-authored) has been published on Trust Forum Vol.9, April 2018.

Publication of co-authorship book by Mr. Saburo Takase.
[ 2018/03/26 Saburo Takase ] open
Mr Saburo Takase's co-authorship book titled "Judge’s Point of View Civil Trial and Specialized Litigation " has been published. (Shoujihoumu, Mar 26th 2018)

Mr. Yusaku Ono will be the lecturer of the seminer on March 29, 2018 hosted by Seminar Info
[ 2018/03/17 Yusaku Ono ] open
Mr. Ono will be the lecturer of the seminer titled "Legal Issues on publicly offered/privately placed Foreign Funds" on March 29, 2018 hosted by Seminar Info

Mr. Saburo Takase's book is recommended in Business Law Journal
[ 2018/01/05 Saburo Takase ] open
Saburo Takase's book titled "Lawyers' Power to Resolve Disputes" (Yuhikaku) is recommended in "Book Guide 2018 for Legal Practice" (Business Law Journal, Feb 2018).

Mr. Yamanaka's article is published
[ 2018/01/04 Masato Yamanaka ] open
Mr. Yamanaka's articles titled “Defence Strategy against US Class Action: Securities Class Action(1)(2)and (3)” have been published on Business Law Journal, Jan & Feb 2018.

Notice of Lawyers Joining
[ 2018/01/01 ] open
From January 2018, Reiichi Miyazaki (former Director-General of Cabinet Legislation Bureau) and Masato Yamanaka (former partner of Baker & McKenzie) join our firm.

Change of our firm's name
[ 2017/10/01 ] open
As of October 1, 2017, we changed our firm's name into Koma & Ono Glocal Law Office.

Notice of Lawyers Joining etc.
[ 2017/10/01 ] open
From October 2017, Yasushi Murofushi (from October 1) and Yusaku Ono (from October 12) join our firm. Yogo Kimura has become a partner as of October 1, 2017.

Notice of Joining
[ 2017/06/20 Yogo Kimura ] open
From June of this year, Yogo Kimura has joined our firm as senior counsel.

Notice of Publication
[ 2017/02/08 Saburo Takase ] open
Lawyer Saburou Takase has published 「For Elevating Analytical Skills Necessary for Any Private Practitioner in Confronting a Legal Dispute – Learn Through Cases Selected for Examining by an Experienced and Recently Retired Judge⏌.

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