Senior Counsel
Judicial Scrivener
[ Partner ]
Yogo Kimura

With wide-range of experiences and accomplishments, the long-standing field of expertise in corporate law and international finance law.

⎾Lawyers in the midst of Reformation⏌ -Lawyers and Internationalization
(co-authored) (Yuhikaku)
“How to Start and Grow a Hedge Fund in Asia”” (co-authored) (ISI Publications)

Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association (1977)

・1970 graduation from Tokyo University
・1974 passed the bar examination
・1975 trainee at The Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
・1977 obtained diploma from The Legal Research and Training Institute
・1986 graduation from the Law School of University of Michigan (MCL)

Professional Career
・ From April 1977 to March 1982 Tsuguo Imamura Law Office
・ From April 1982 to March 2008 The law firm of Hamada & Matsumoto (presently: Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
・ From August 1985 to March 2008 Stagiaire at the law firm of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP (New York)
・ From April 2008 to June 2017 General Counsel for SPARX Group Co., Ltd. and SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd.
・ From April 2012 to June 2017 Hibiya Minami Law Office
・ From June 2017 Koma Glocal Law Office

[ Partner ]
Yusaku Ono

Having continuously pursued legal work pertaining to foreign investment funds for the past thirty years, the know-how and experience on the establishment, sale and marketing, registration and other related tasks on foreign funds are warranted.
Furthermore, with a focus on the legal aspects of foreign investment funds, tasks concerning asset management for investment use companies, investment management companies, stock companies and banks are offered.

Publications, presentations and articles
・⎾Q&A Business Practice under Financial Instruments and Exchange Law⏌
  (co-author, Sanseido 2008) written the segment on the investment management business
・⎾IMPA Reacts to Japanese Tax Rules⏌(International Financial Law Review, 1998)
・⎾Asian Investment Law Directory⏌(1995) written the segment on Japan
・⎾Legal Opinions in International Transactions⏌(International Bar Association, 1998) written the segment on Japan

・Participated as a panelist in the Funds of Funds seminar that took place during the annual IBA conference held in Amsterdam in the year 2000.
・A lecturer for approximately every year from 2002 to the present at the seminar sponsored by the the Institute for Monetary-fiscal policy.
・A lecturer for approximately every year at the seminar sponsored by Seminar-Info Co., Ltd.
・A lecturer at seminars sponsored by Facsimile News in 2013, 2014 and 2017.
・Awarded Band 1 of Leading Individuals by the Chambers Asia Pacific- Asia Pacific’s Leading Lawyers for Business for the year 2015 and 2016.

・Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association (1978)
・New York state, USA (1986)

・1974 Graduation from Chuo University (B.A. in Law)
・1975 Passes Bar examination
・1976 Trainee at The Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
・1978 Obtains diploma from The Legal Research and Training Institute
・1983 Graduation from the Master’s Program at the Law School of New York University

Professional Career
・1978 Yuasa & Hara International Law, Patent, Trademark & Accounting
・1983-1984 Deacons (Hong Kong law firm)
・1984-1986 Yamada・Kondemi・Thomas & Dean (New York law firm)
・1986-2002 Hamada & Matsumoto
・1991 Partner at Hamada & Matsumoto
・2002-2017 Partner at Baker & McKenzie
・October2017 Partner at Koma & Ono Glocal Law Office

[ Partner ]
Masato Yamanaka

Mr. Yamanaka's practice focuses on finance law and corporate law related matters, including regulation of financial institutions and general corporations, securitization and liquidation, collective investment schemes, as well as disclosure in primary and secondary securities markets, and derivative transactions. His practice also covers a number of litigation related to financial products.

Publications, presentations and articles
I. Securities Regulation, Securities Litigation
•“Defence Strategy against US Class Action: Securities Class Action(1)(2)” Business Law Journal, Jan & Feb 2018
•“Need for Self-Regulatory and Aggressive Securities Market Regulations” The Japan Business Law, May 2006
•“Financing Scheme (Moving Strike Convertible Bond) Used by Livedoor and Lehman Brothers,” The Japan Business Law, May 2005
•Co-author, “Case Study of Ministerial Ordinance concerning Securities Companies: An Examination of Cases where Sanctions were Imposed by the Financial Services Agency Regarding EB Bond/Provision of Special Benefit,” Commercial Law Review, March 2003
II. Trust, Investment Trust, Investment Advisory Business, Fiduciary Duty
•“Legal and Practical Issues of Life Insurance Trust” Shintaku Forum vol.5, March 2016
•“Points to Note for Sale of Inventment Trust – How to Act If a Distributing Company (Hanbai Kaisha) Finds an Inadequate Prospectus- Analysis Based on Tokyo High Court Decision Regarding Investment Trust with Monthly Dividend dated Janurary 26, 2015” Ginko Homu21 No. 788, July 2015
•“Consideration on Accountability of Investment Trust Management Companies – Based on Tokyo District Court Evaluation Regarding Monthly Dividend Type Investment Trust dated March 11, 2014” Kinyu Homu Jijo No. 2006, November 2014
•“Fiduciary Duty of Asset Management Companies under Japanese Law,” Jurist, December 2003
•Co-author, “Investment Trust with Only One Beneficiary and Investment Trust Investing in Only One Investment (Volume I and Volume II),” Kinyu Homu Jijo Nos. 1671 and 1672, April 2003
•Co-author, “Theoretical Inquiries on Duty of Explanation with respect to MMF and other Investment Trusts,” Kinyu Homu JijoNo. 1642, May 2002
•“Loss of Principal of MMF (Money Market Fund) and Accounting for Investors: Accountability of Investment Trust Management Companies and Distribution Companies,” Kinyu Homu Jijo No. 1630, December 2001
•“Inquiries on Various Concepts about Investment Trust,” Kinyu Homu Jijo No. 1575, April 2000
III. Derivatives
•“Soccer Lottery (“TOTO”) and New Types of Derivatives,” Kinyu Homu Jijo No. 1609, April 2001
•Co-author, “Derivatives Transactions under Financial System Reform Laws (1) – (4),” Kinyu Homu Jijo Nos. 1539 -1543, February – April 1999
IV. Corporate Law
•“Legal Issues on Protection against Hostile Takeovers (Volumes I and II),” The Japan Business Law, November and December 2005
•“Unification of Kabushiki Kaisha and Yugen Kaisha: Goudou Kaisha and LLP,” Zeimu Koho, February 2005
•All about the New Corporate Law Code: Q&A, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2005
V. Securitization
•“Fundamental Concepts of Investment Management Business in Financial Instruments and Exchange Act – Real Estate Fund of Securitization Type-” Kinyu Homu Jijo No. 1825, February 2008
•“New Company Law and SPCs in Securitization,” Kinyu-Homu-Jijo No. 1767, April 2006
•“Effect brought onto the Practice of Securitization and Business Reorganization by New Laws in Japan,” New Business Law, December 2004
VI. Personal Information Protection Law
•“Personal Information Protection Law: How to Address Issues Related to Delegates,” The Japan Business Law, February 2005
VII. Bankruptcy Law
•Co-author, All about the New Bankruptcy Law Promulgated on June 2, 2004, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2004
VIII. Others
•“Federal and State Law Systems in USC concerning Management of Lease and Rental Housing,” The Japanese Journal of Real Estate Sciences No. 93, September 2010
•“Responsibility of Rookie Lawyer Causing Losses by Giving Bad Advice to a Client,” The Japan Business Law, January 2004
•“Rights and Obligations Represented by the Bill of Landing,” Keiri-joho, October 2003
•“Practice for the Right to Complete Blank Checks,” Keiri-joho, March 2003

Masato Yamanaka holds many lectures and seminars about securities regulations, investment trusts, private funds, trust beneficial interests, derivatives, FX margin transations etc.

Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association (Apr 1998)
New York State, USA (Feb 2011)
Certified Trust Practitioner (Japan, Apr 2016)
Washington D.C., USA (Apr 2017)

1995 passes the bar examination
1996 graduation from Waseda University (LL.B.)
2009 graduation from University of Pennsylvania Law School (LL.M.)

Professional Career
Apr 1998〜 Sep 2002 Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda
Oct 2002〜 May 2007 Asahi & Koma Law office
May 2007〜 Dec 2017 Partner at Baker & McKenzie
Jan 2018〜 Partner at Koma & Ono Glocal Law Office

Sep 2009〜Dec 2009 Baker McKenzie New York Office
Jan 2010〜Mar 2010 Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (Legal Department)
Apr 2010〜Dec 2011 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, New York Branch (Specialized Finance Department)

Ippan Shadan Hojin Civil Trust Promotion Center (Inspector)
Japan Israel Chamber of Commerce (Auditor)
Japan Curling Association (Legal Counsel, Compliance Committee Member)
Japan Balloon Federation (Legal Counsel)

Senior Counsel
[ Senior Counsel ]
Yasushi Murofushi

Admission: Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association (1985)

・March 1980 LL.B (private law), University of Tokyo
・March 1981 LL.B (public law), University of Tokyo
・April 1985 diploma from The Legal Research and Training Institute of Supreme Court of Japan
・June 1988  LL.M., Cornell Law School

Professional Career
・From April 1987 to April 1993 Hamada&Matsumoto (as associate, then partner)
(September 1987 to June 1988: Foreign Visiting Lawyer at Sullivan&Cromwell in New York)
・From April 1997 to April 2000 Baker & McKenzie/Tokyo Aoyama Law Office as partner
・From April 2000 to June 2017 Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited and Tokyo
Branch of Credit Suisse
(Executive Committee member, Managing Director, General Counsel, Head ofLegal and Compliance)
・From October 2017 Koma&Ono Glocal Law Office

Other Professional Associations and Memberships
・From April 2000 to November 2016 Board member of Securities Sector Committee, International Bankers Association of Japan (IBA)
・From April 2012 to present President of Japan In-house Lawyers Association (JILA)

[ Senior Counsel ]
Reiichi Miyazaki

In addition to eight and a half years of experience as a distinct prosecutor, involvement with the legal interpretation of criminal law and legislation with the Ministry of Justice for over eight years has led to a status in the Cabinet Legislation Bureau, for the following 22 years, to screen the legislative proposals of the respective ministries and present legal opinions pertaining to all aspects of legislation to the governing Cabinet.

Publications, presentations and articles
“Simplifying Legislation” co-author, Shinzansha, 1997.
Written the segment “Simplifying Laws and Ordinances from the Legislation Standpoint”

Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association (2016)

1967 Passes the Bar Examination
1968 Graduation from the University of Tokyo

Professional Career
1970~1984 As a public prosecutor for the district courts in Tokyo, Okayama and Sapporo. During this period, served as public prosecutor for the Ministry of Justice Correction Bureau (engaged in revising the Prison Law, etc.)
1984~1986 Counsellor for the Criminal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Justice
(in charge of the revision of the Juvenile Law and effectuating countermeasures for drug related crime, etc.) During this period, was sent to France for approximately six months on a field study to survey contingent assistance in international criminal investigations.
Engaged in “Problems and Countermeasures for Resolving International Crime Investigations” of Legal Affairs Research
1987~1993 Counselor of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau (Second Department)
1993~1996 Executive-Secretary of Administrative Office of the Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau
1996~2002 Director-General of the Second Division of the Bureau
2002~2004 Director-General of the First Division of the Bureau
2004~2006 Deputy Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau
2006~2010 Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau
2010~2016 Professor of Hosei Law School
January 2018 Senior Counsel of Koma & Ono Glocal Law Office

[ Associate ]
Ranko Komori

She has experiences in the practice of domestic corporate law, international corporate law, finance, civil cases in general, etc.

Language proficiency
Japanese, English

Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association

April 2006 : enters the School of International Liberal Studies of Waseda University
Sept.2007 ~ July 2008 : studies at Boston University
March 2010 : attains the LL.B. from the School of International Liberal Studies of Waseda University
March 2013 : attains the LL.M. from Waseda Law School

Professional Career
2014 passes the bar examination
2015 obtains the diploma from the Institute of Legal Research and Training
2016 joins Koma Glocal Law Office

Judicial Scrivener
[ Judicial Scrivener ]
Yasuko Hiroha

・Generally working on Real Estate and Property Registrations and Commercial Registrations
・Matters concerning Commercial Registrations for establishment of an office in Japan by a foreign corporation
・Procedures for registrations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Business under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
・Matters dealing with Property Management and Administration in connection with Inheritance.

Tokyo Shiho-Shoshi Lawyers’ Association

1992 : Graduation from International Christian University (Liberal Arts)

Professional Career
1992-1994: Price Waterhouse LLC
1995-1997: Office of Judicial Scrivener: Kazumi Inouye as assistant judicial scrivener
1997 : Passes judicial scrivener examination
1998-2003: Law firm of Hamada & Matsumoto
2003-2007: Nicolas Edwards Investment compliance officer
2017, November: Joins Koma & Ono Glocal Law Office as judicial scrivener